Iz8iqo Story

My name is Damian Petrellis. I live and I live in Acre (JM89EL) in the province of Cosenza in southern Italy. I am part of the community of amateur radio since 1998 , earning the ordinary license in zone 4, but not being resident for work Emilia Romagna, in 2006 I was assigned the call sign IZ8IQO in zone 8.

Education: Baccalaureate tecnique whit professionale qualifiocation of “Technician of Eletrical and Electronic Industrie.

My city

Acres, Eacri in local dialect, (eakri), Acra in greek – Calabria is an italian town, city by 17.09.2001, 21.195 in habitants of the province of Cosenza in Calabria. Coordinates: 39°30′00″N 16°23′00″E Altitude: 720 m s.l.m. Surface: 200,63 km²