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Acres, Eacri in local dialect, (eakri), Acra in greek – Calabria is an italian town, city by 17.09.2001, 21.195 in habitants of the province of Cosenza in Calabria. Coordinates: 39°30′00″N 16°23′00″E Altitude: 720 m s.l.m. Surface: 200,63 km².

The city center is located at 720m s.l.m. at of the foot of the Sila and the mountain of Walnut an its territory exetends over 20,000 hectares (amog the four largest of the entire region whit San Giovanni in Fiore, Reggio Calabria and Longobucco). North Gate of Sila, the oldest part, where you can observe the high peaks of the Pollino, overlooking the valley of Mucone and the valley of the crater.

Old town Acres


Acres city center

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