The emergency challenge in schools
The “Radio, School, Territory” Project

A project that has, among its main objectives, that of forming students who are also radio amateurs, and therefore able to acquire the most appropriate skills to manage an emergency radio communication system.
A project full of countless inputs for those who, like us, believe in the effectiveness of the presence of amateur radio operators on the territory and in the synergies of their communication activities in emergency, with all the institutional bodies responsible for monitoring and targeted interventions in case of magnet, to protect safety in schools.



In this project, particularly important and the Network agreement that the I.T.C.G.T. (State Technical Surveyors and Tourism Institute) of Acri which, availing itself of the D.P.R. March 8, 1999 n.275, has created an interesting platform between different schools to give greater effectiveness to its intervention in the area. The invitation is therefore addressed to radio amateurs, teachers, representatives of the Institutions and all those who may be interested in making their own contribution to the development of Safety Education on the territory.

It is highly appropriate to highlight that the project aims at the formation of specific skills for the safety on the territory and in particular in the School.

Therefore, the pedagogical-didactic objective of the Project itself is also shown: to promote the promotion of contacts between schools and students, through radiocommunication, forming an awareness of the importance of SECURITY IN SCHOOLS


Name assignment pursuant to art. 144 of 259/03

To further contribute it is communicated that during the activities of instruction and exercises, relative to the radiomatorial connections, the students are to be considered authorized to use the radio station provided that in the presence of the resposnsable operator, indicated in the declaration.


Radio in Schools and Alternating School Work

An experience implemented in 2017, even if in experimental mode in I.T.C.G.T. “G, B, Falcone” Acri (CS).

With the collaboration A.R.I. – Projects we believe in – responsible Alfredo Gallerati (IK7JGI).